Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hidden Art

What is art, exactly, and where do you find it? Sometimes it is something that surrounds us on a daily basis and we might not recognize it as art, or even notice it at all.

I have known about this unusual bit of artwork for many years, but took it very much for granted, since it was simply decoration for a place where us teens and twenty-somethings hung out. This basement mural was painted by a friend of Arthur and his brothers sometime in the 1970's, and is a true sign of the times from back in the days of teenage lounging pits with black lights and quadraphonic stereos.

The old house in Detroit where Arthur and his siblings grew up is soon to be sold, and when Arthur and I accompanied his sister downstairs to move some stuff I saw the mural through new eyes. It is a true piece of art. However, it may need to be painted over in order to sell the house, or perhaps it will be covered up by new owners. I decided to take some detailed photos to preserve this work done so many years ago by a long deceased friend named Girard Zalno.

Introducing to the public for the very first time: "The Dungeon".

His work now is forever preserved in cyberspace.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation 2010

Yes, this really it a new blog post from me! For some reason, I needed a break from blogging. It probably has something to do with keeping up with other activities... Family,(they kinda like my cooking) Square Dance, (president) Band Boosters, (fund raising) Church Choir, (attempting to sing) plus a really big push on adding to a big perennial garden. But it's time, so back in the blogger's saddle go I!

The first entries will be about our vacation, but by the time these post we will be home. We are once again making the jaunt to Michigan, and the good news is this time it is for another wedding; specifically Matt and Melody's wedding! A treat for us is they are getting married on mine and Art's anniversary. :-)

Off we go, more soon!