Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Black and White Angel is in Heaven

Our beloved dog Tom Girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. We adopted her in 1999, and was Andy's assist dog, (after Sheba) until his death. I'm sure he was there to meet her at the other side of the bridge, although she might not recognize him at first without his wheelchair! :)

Tommie was not sick, or at least she gave no indication. At age 13, it's normal for a dog to have a little stiffness, but she still enjoyed playing in the backyard with Marvin and Jack Daniels.

This morning, Arthur found her in her bed when he went to let the dogs out. She looked like she was asleep, all curled up in a comfy position, with her eyes closed. At least there is no indication she suffered at all.

She was half Newfoundland, and I called her my "Big Bear Dog." I often joked that I "got Tommie her very own Dalmatian," because I hated leaving her home alone when the kids and I were at school. So Tommie really is partially responsible for Marvin coming to live with us.

Later, when Arthur and I got married, she had a new friend to be there during the day. Art took over the feeding and care of the big dogs, and she became pretty attached to him.

It's going to be a sad night at our house.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Please say a prayer for my blogger friend Judy, who lost her beloved husband Fred this morning. She writes the blog Brighton the Corner Where You Are.

Thank you and God bless.