Saturday, February 25, 2006

An amazing day... FOUR years

I never in a million years would have thought I could say that the anniversary day of Andy's death was an amazing day.

But today truly was.

Along with the rest of my family, today I attended the wedding of my friend Pam's daughter Laura. Pam and family were very close to Andy and I. As a matter of fact, Pam was a friend who helped me make Andy's funeral arrangements, and brought me a teddy bear to hold as I picked out his casket.

At any rate, instead of sadness on this date, I felt a sense of wonder attending this wedding of somebody who was so special to Andy and I. Plus, there was a bonus.

Pammy remembered what today was. She told me she had been thinking of me all day, and that she just knew Andy was enjoying the day too... laughing at Laura's pre-wedding jitters. There were several people attending the wedding who worked with me at the hospital. They were very happy to meet Arthur, and they stated that they knew Andy was happy to see me happy. They also mentioned the incredible mark that Andy had made on everybody's life.

Wow... it made me feel so good... that people still remember. That they consider my life as a WHOLE, not just the sad part, not just the happy part. They welcome my new life, and remember my past! And Arthur felt as if he was part of the group, rather than being an outsider.

Andy is a part of me, Arthur is a part of me, and today I was able to celebrate the marriage of my friend, the memory of Andy, my love for Arthur, and the wonderful potential my future holds.

Thanks for listening as I step into year number 5...