Monday, April 17, 2006

Brain Fart

OK, I just got the news. I am nominated for School nurse of the Year.


So, naturally I immediately think of calling home to tell the good news. But I think of Andy answering the phone!

I am going on 5 years out now. Remarried almost 2 years. What's up with THAT??? I used to do that in the early days, expecting Andy to answer the phone. It took me by complete surprise that it just happened again.

Now I feel confused, and a bit guilty.

Guess widow-brain is a life-long condition.

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Please light a candle for Sue

Tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of the passing of Arthur's beloved Sue.

Arthur has often looked at the memorial websites set up by others, and has always wanted to set one up. He is pretty computer challenged however, so setting up such a site was just about impossible for him.

Anyway, I have set up a memorial website for Sue, (my dear friend also) which I plan on presenting to Arthur tomorrow, and then I am going to teach him how to keep adding to it. I know he is going to love it! It will be 12 years tomorrow, and he still struggles around this time.

If anybody here will please light a candle and sign the name you use here, I know he will really appreciate it. This website is truly from my heart, because I know first hand how hard these anniversaries are, plus Sue was my friend, and I love Arthur.

Click here to go to the memorial site: In Memory of Sue

Thanks everybody.