Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My MOST INTERESTING Birthday present!

WOW, what a PRESENT!!

I guess we can call this "Lobster Fest." As most of you all know, Jimmy and Tiffanie moved to Maine a little over a year ago. Whereas Lobster is a scarce commodity in Oklahoma, it is plentiful in Maine.

So what did I get for my birthday??? None other than 4 LIVE MAINE LOBSTERS!!! :)

We invited Kathy and Kendy over for dinner the night the critters arrived. There was a great variety of reaction from the various people here.

I was delighted because I love lobster, but I told Arthur he would have to drop them in the boiling water. He said "NO PROBLEM!" since he also likes lobster, and considers himself to be "The Hunter, the MAN!!"

Kathy didn't care WHO boiled them, because she just wanted the lobster.

Shelby and Kendy were a bit squeemish about trying the meat. Shelby ended up really liking it, while Kendy decided it wasn't her cup of tea.

John insisted we were all MEAN and CRUEL, and he wanted to keep at least one of them for a PET! But after he realized we meant BUSINESS he wanted to cook one himself. (He didn't.)

So anyway, THANKS JIMMY AND TIFF! Not only was dinner delicious, it was rather ENTERTAINING!!!