Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bragging about my daughter

My daughter and her staff in Oklahoma State University made this video, sort of a take-off from Glee, for a campus contest about diversity. I think it came out pretty well.

If you a Facebook member, click on the link and like this video:


Thank you for watching! I'm just a proud Mom, that's all. :0)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mama Bear

I received a call from John last night while he was on the bus returning from one of his baseball games, to let us know he was on his way home. In the background, there was a bunch of yelling and horseplay, a lot of that "male bonding" type noise.

A midst the noise, somebody called out, "Hey John! Who ya talking to?"

"It's my mom."

"Your mom? Your mom? Hey, hey John's mom, John had two strikeouts tonight!!"

Then in a chorus they all began shouting: "John! John! John! John! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!"

I stood there frozen and furious. How could they all be so mean?

It was too loud to hear, so John said he would talk to me when he got home. I waited with tears in my eyes, not knowing what I could say about the taunts. It made my heart hurt for him, since I know how hard he has been working at baseball practice.

A few minutes later, he called back to say he was going out to eat with the team. I asked him if he just wanted to come home instead. He sounded puzzled.

"Well, after all the teasing the guys were doing about your two strikeouts, I am surprised you want to go."

He paused, then started laughing. "Mom, I struck out two batters! They weren't teasing, they were happy for me!!"

Turns out, he was a relief pitcher, and pitched the last inning!

And they won.

Boy, did I feel stupid!