Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The End of the Game

It was the bottom of the last inning.

There were two outs, runners at second and third.

The pitcher was up to bat. Accustomed to only pitching relief, this was the very first time he had pitched an entire game and now it was his turn at the plate. His team was behind by one run. No pressure, right?

The stretch... the pitch...

The young player flashed into bunt position. The bunt was perfectly executed, the ball landed just a few feet into fair territory. The runner sprinted from third while the shortstop scooped up the ball and fired it to the catcher at home plate. SAFE!!

The runner from second base made it safely to third, and then took off like a shot when the catcher bulleted the ball to the first baseman. SAFE AT FIRST as the winning run crossed the plate!

The team dumped the Gatorade jug on their pitcher who had just bunted in the winning runs. Even if he never does anything else in baseball, he will have the memory of this game forever.

Every kid needs to experience having the Gatorade dumped on him at least once in his life.


Cindy L said...

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