Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Sample of Insanity

How in the world can I put this out there so it makes some kind of sense to others? It doesn't even make sense to me! After all these years it still is very difficult to figure out the order and organization of that pile of paperwork. The dates blend together, there are mountains of different forms, and mountains of requests for further info. It would be an impossible task to show the magnitude of the issue without showing each individual form, and I won't do that to you! How boring would that be??? :)

I guess this letter would be a good beginning. I wrote this to my director of Human Resources during the early days of Andy's terminal illness. Can you imagine? This was just the beginning! Sorry, I can't bring myself to re-type all of this, so I did a photo scan of each section... click to enlarge...

I had left my full-time position at the hospital to work for the school, because Andy had become too sick to work and to care for John and Shelby while I worked. His insurance was canceled after his medical retirement, but he had to wait 6 months to qualify for Medicare. I took the Cobra insurance through the hospital because of his pre-existing condition, and it would take several months before my new insurance through the school would cover him.

Yes, they really asked if I had family members or neighbors to take care of his medical needs!!

What Nancy and Cindy advised me to do was make up a timeline of events so they could look into why all the bills were continuing to be denied. My head was already spinning, and now I had to try to piece together everything! My best friend came over that evening to help me put together all the paperwork and try to construct a timeline. It took us over 8 hours, working together.

Tomorrow I will post that timeline. Until then, thanks for listening.

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Alicia said...

Insanity. That is the word for it.