Friday, February 24, 2012

"Please remit payment immediately."

I have to smile, while sorting through the box with all these papers, I found this:

I must have been planning on using coupons to offset the $26,000 bill in the next photo. Despite my best efforts, Andy's medical bills were piling up unpaid.

As time went on, collection efforts became more serious. For instance, the State of Oklahoma gave us the choice of paying a bill in full, or signing over part of our tax return.

They did generously include a form for Andy to sign, but I put it aside when Andy had to be rushed to ICU and then I forgot about it.

I was still receiving a huge amount of denials, despite paying almost half of my monthly salary to cover the Cobra insurance. I was advised to talk to the State Insurance Commission. Surely they could help me! Right???

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