Thursday, February 25, 2010

A few minutes in Andy's Heaven

It is 8 years ago today that Andy’s spirit followed the Light. How can something that happened that long ago seem like such a recent event?

I don't want my thoughts to make anybody sad. I am not a sad person, actually I am very happy these days. The pain has been replaced with warm memories, although I will miss him forever. But just for today I need to remember and honor that wonderful man. After all this time, I needed a new way to do that. So on a whim, I decided to take an imaginary peak at Andy in Heaven. I will warn you, though; his Heaven is not the Heaven that most people would imagine! So... here I go, off to find him for a few minutes....


Andy is in his garage taking a rest after getting his favorite vehicle running. He sips on a cup of black coffee, and takes an occasional puff on his pipe full of vanilla tobacco. There is a big thunderstorm booming outside, and he has the big garage door wide open to drink in the ozone smell of the fresh rain. He opens a Louis L’Amour novel while Hank, Willie and Waylon serenade on the radio. Andy is content knowing that there are fried potatoes, red beans, and hamburger cooking in the kitchen. His mama, daddy, Rozelle, Ray, Katherine, Phoenix, and a couple old friends will be sharing the meal today.

He grins, thinking about how he left that danged wheelchair behind when he left his previous life. Now he is able to two-step and waltz even better than he could before he was injured. But, thinking about his previous life reminds him of something he needs to do right now. He picks up the phone, dials a familiar number and then enters the number 222-2222. He knows his message will be received.

Just then, a CB radio crackles beside him, “How ‘bout it Oklahoma Wildman? You out there?”

It’s one of his truck driving buddies checking in with him.

“Yeah, you got the Wildman.”

“How’s it going, good buddy?”

“Oh, fair to middlin,’ I guess. Can’t complain, won’t do no good, no how.”

They shoot the bull over the radio until his friend drives out of range.

As suppertime gets closer, he and Sheba play “fetch the keys” for awhile. After they tire of the game, Andy decides to open up a honey bun. What the heck, he might as well have a snack... he’ll still have plenty of room for the main meal.

The doorbell rings, Andy’s guests have arrived, so he moves to let them in. Although some of his favorite people are not there to enjoy supper today, he is still happy. He knows that within a blink of an eye he and all of his loved ones will be together again.

Being with his “Man Upstairs,” along with that knowledge, is what makes it Heaven.