Monday, March 30, 2009

Never trust Springtime in Oklahoma

Over the weekend we had an interesting weather development in Oklahoma City. There was a tornado watch and a blizzard warning at the same time! Fortunately, we had no tornado, and the blizzard gave us just a smattering of snow. However, our Northwest neighbors in Woodward, Oklahoma received two feet of the white stuff, with drifts up to seven feet tall.

Although we were lucky to dodge that bullet, my spring flowers were not very happy with the turn of events. Even though the temps were in the 80's a couple of weeks ago, this is why I never turn my back on the Oklahoma weather:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Film Clip Friday: The rest of the "Getting Old" project

This is the fourth and final installment of the "Getting Old" interviews. After four weeks I am ready to move onto other clips. This is pretty long, but here is the rest of the project for those who have been following it. (Sorry, these subjects aren't nearly as cute as the kids! ha ha.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunrise after the Storm

I wish I had my camera this morning. I don't know if this shot I captured with my cell phone begins to show the beauty of the Eastern sky.

In addition to having a job to go to every morning, each sunrise I see while on my way is something for which I'm thankful.

Those are clouds, not mountains! :) They're what's left of the storm that rained all over us last night. Here in Oklahoma, "March Showers bring April Flowers."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My "Wild Side," or Tipsy Shopping at the Dollar Tree

Anybody who knows me well can attest to the fact that I am not much of a drinker. I guess I'm what's known as a "cheap drunk." One drink, and I'm gone! :))

For this reason, I rarely indulge in alcoholic beverages. About once every two or three months, however, I allow myself a margarita with dinner at Chili's. After dinner, Arthur takes me to the Dollar Tree across the street from the restaurant and I go on a Dollar Tree Shopping Spree!

I'll never be rich by anybody's standards, but for a half hour I feel like a celebrity who waltzes into a boutique and purchases anything that catches her eye.

"Wouldn't this piece of framed art look good in the hallway?"

"Oh, look at those garden ceramics! I must have them!"



Fortunately, I have never regretted a purchase the next day, even though some of the items would not have been what I normally would choose. My inhibitions are released during "tipsy shopping!" :-)

So, now you all have seen my "Wild Side!"

Friday, March 20, 2009

Film clip Friday: "Getting Old" Part 3

Here is Jimmy at age 21. I have to laugh that one answer is identical to Shelby's from last week's clip! :)


This is an especially appropriate film clip, because Today is Jimmy's Birthday!!! HAPPY 31st birthday, my Sun!!! (Ummmm... are you feeling old yet???)

I love you!


(Here are photos of Jim growing up, if you haven't seen them.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

A MythBuster's experiment

The kids saw this experiment on the TV show MythBuster's. One night when they didn't have anything else to do, they decided to try it themselves.

This is what happens when you put Mento's candies into bottles of Diet Coke.

As you can see, it really does work!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Film Clip Friday: "Getting Old" Part Two

This post includes the second video installment of my class project, just as I promised.

But first, celebrate with me about a bit of good luck! This time I am the winner of the KYIS FM prize package! Remember, last year around this same time Arthur won.

The game was TriBond again. My three words were:

1. Boat
2. 2
3. Turn

The answer?

(drum roll)


I will show the prizes here after they have the complete package. Just like last time, they only had some of the prizes ready, so we will have to go back to pick up the rest. I'm certainly not complaining! :) The package is as good, if not better, than the one from last year. Woo HOO!

Now that I have shared that bit of good news with everybody, here is part two of the "Getting Old" interviews. Shelby straightened me out about dates and ages. (See, I'm getting so old that I'm getting all mixed up!) She was eight, John was four, and the year was 1999. That makes it a full 10 years ago!

Anyway, without further ado, heeeeere's Shelby!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The end of Third Quarter: the countdown begins!

The countdown that I'm referring to is leading to Shelby's high school graduation.

I'm trying to stay sane through the rest of this year. It seems like the whirlwind of Shelby's senior year is making the speeding time race by even faster.

Here are a few photo highlights of some events of the past three months not previously posted here:

First, her birthday. I posted a greeting, but forgot to post a photo from this year.

Here she is as delegate with the Southwest Oklahoma Model U.N. She was placed as delegate for Nicaragua.

I think this was a great experience for her. I always wanted to do better in Social Studies, and especially government. Now I can live vicariously through her! (Besides, I may learn a thing or two.)

Then came Winter Formal.

On another occasion last month, she spent the day at the Oklahoma State Capitol where she was able to actually go down on the senate floor. Of course senate was not in session. :) I think what almost topped that for her was she met a local celebrity there, TV news anchor Alex Cameron.

Now for the next two months:
1. Spring Break
2. Graduation announcements delivered
3. Final ACT
4. Cap and gown delivery
5. Senior Prom
6. Senior Honor Banquet
7. Award assembly
8. Baccalaureate
9. Graduation Practice
10. Senior Breakfast
11. Final exams
12. Graduation
13. Multiple grad parties


Monday, March 9, 2009

Orb photos from our album

Many people believe that photo "orbs" are spirits caught on film. Although I'm a believer in "signs" from beyond, I've always been a bit skeptical about the orb business.

These pictures from our album are a bit startling, however.

The first one was taken of me with Arthur's son Dominic on his wedding day. I was unsettled that entire day, because I kept feeling pangs of guilt and sorrow that I was there but my friend Sue, his mother, was not. To honor her memory, Dominic and his bride Jen had chosen her birthday for their wedding day.

From the looks of this photo, perhaps Sue WAS there after all, giving her son a hug through me. There is an unmistakable orb right above us.

Here is a photo of Shelby on the first Christmas after Andy died. There are at least two orbs in this one, although not as clear. (Probably just reflection off the ornaments, but still...!)

This next one isn't as personal, but is very interesting. This is a photo Arthur snapped in 2003 on the 6th floor of the courthouse where he used to work. These are boxes of old traffic tickets. Are the spirits of the people involved in those traffic incidents haunting that room?

I'm still a skeptic, but it is an interesting subject to think about.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Film Clip Friday: John, age Three (oops, he was four!)

Here is a tidbit from a film created for one of my classes during my Bachelor's degree program. I believe the class was called "Psychology through the Lifespan." For the project, I interviewed 8 people ranging in age from 3 to 77 years old, asking them what their impression was regarding old people and getting old.

I will share the rest of the project on YouTube, if anybody interested in seeing the whole thing, but first I'll share my children with my blog buddies. I had a lot of fun with this! It is not a very high tech job, but it was good enough for what I needed at the time. The interviews have funny moments, and the comparisons are very interesting.

First up: John, age four.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OK, so I'm a Twit....

The hottest thing in my kids' virtual world is called "Twitter." It has been around awhile, but has recently hit Oklahoma City in a big way. My children think it's fabulous. I find it to be the ultimate in narcissism.

Any time a Twitter member updates their status, it is instantly transmitted to the computers and cell phones of anyone that is subscribed to their feed. A few examples:

"I am so hungry, I am about to faint."

"My teacher is a nerd."

"I'm so confused right now. He is driving me crazy."

"It's time for bed now. Goodnight."

Today I gave in and signed up for a Twitter account. Now, trust me, I am not planning on twittering every time I sneeze. Actually, I plan on staying pretty quiet.

But, here is my thought on the subject. If the kids are updating their status every five minutes, as a member I will always know what they are up to! And I don't even have to resort to reading a diary! (Not that anybody keeps a diary these days, anyway.)

Oh, did you know that famous (and/or infamous) people have twitter accounts? You can even set up your blog to update via twitter!!!

Don't worry. I'm not doing it! :-)